Parts SOURCES & Interchange



Certified Parts Corporation, Janesville, WI

Richard Clark,  4846 Quarry Rd., New Albany, IN  47150
ph.  (812)944-1643 12 noon - 6pm EST weekdays

Ed Ahlf

c/o Ed Jordan)
9 Park Ave.
Brentwood NY 11717
ph. (631) 273-1023
Update: Inventory sold to Richard Clark

Larry Young
ph. (315) 697-9268

Mike Mefford
12821 Old River Road
Rockton, IL
(815) 624-7831
Update: Inventory sold to Richard Clark

Eastern Michigan Cycle has NOS parts in stock

In the UK?  Contact brian@bikeaddict.freeserve.co.uk Mostly 175, some 350.

Bridgestone Motorcycle Restoration Company, Ireland, Reproduction and NOS parts

Jungle Scooters, Japan

Brake shoes and drums can be reworked at Vintage Brake.

Decals:  Reproduction Decals by Andre Okazaki

Fuel Hose:  NAPA #H459

Refinishing clutch friction plates with Kevlar:

Tribco Inc.of Cleveland Ohio (216) 486-2000 can rebond 350 friction plates with new Kevlar pads for approx.. $25.00 each plate -- Bert Lilley

Replating of cylinders:

Adrian Bernard Inc.
1890 Notre-Dame Nord
Thetford Mines
Quebec G6G 2W2
Canada Phone # 1-418-335-7220

2 Cylinders $260.00 Canadian. = $280.00 US and a turn around time of 4 days!! which they lived up to, just a great job, but during the winter they get real busy with racing snowmobiles. -- Bert Lilley

Boretech, http://www.bore-tech.com/

U.S. Chrome, http://www.usnicom.com/

Reproduction parts:

REDimport, http://www.redimport.net/bridgestone.htm

Jungle Scooters, Japan http://www.junglescooters.com/BS/bs_index.html
Also 350 front and rear sprockets.  Worldwide shipping.

Reproduction sprockets and wheel rims

Kotaro, Japan

Rubber part fabrication:

John, BC


18" tires for the 175/200 and smaller bikes are pretty easy to find, but 19" for the 350 are harder to find -- especially the rear.

Kings Tire has inexpensive ribbed front KT-922 and block rear KT-918 in 19", very much like the original tires on the 350.  These are good for an original look.

Avon Tire makes a front/rear combo in 3.50 X 19" in their SpeedMaster MkII series.  The front is a rib design similar to original.

If you can find them in stock, the 3.25/3.50 X 19" Metzler Laser ME33 CompK (soft) front with a Metzler Perfect ME77 rear provides a great hi-performance combination.



The fuel petcock from a 1975 Kawasaki Z1B (51023-055) is a close match to the 175/200 & 350.  An similar alternative is a Kawasaki Z900A4 (51023-1021).


An alternative petcock source is Harley Davidson up to about 1995.  Drag Specialties (makes aftermarket Harley parts) Part Number DS-390-218 (L-style petcock replacement for OEM part 62166-81.  This petcock is smaller than the BS stock part and is chromed so it makes a nice appearance. One difference is that it has one fuel outlet instead of two, so you have to use a "T" or "Y" connection to split the flow to two carbs.


Flamboyant Red paint is a close match with 1989 GM (General Motors) Brilliant Red Metallic, GM Code: 68, Dupont Code: B8947, base coat, clear coat.


Silver parts (fork tubes, etc.) have a close match in PPG Silver Poly #1435.


175, 200, 350 ignition points interchange with Kawasaki A-1 and A-7, which all use Kokusan Denki alternators (EN-06, EN-09, EN-11)


Kawasaki KZ1000 ignition parts reportedly also fit the 175-350:  Points, 21008-27, 21008-28; Condenser, 21013-035; Felt Brush, 21019-005.


NGK spark plug designations in the manuals that have an H suffix are equivalent to HS suffix.


Kawasaki A-1 and A-7 Mikuni VM26-SC carburetors are very similar too with many interchangeable parts


The Kawasaki F-7 speedometer cable (54001-032) will replace the 350 speedometer cable.


The Kawasaki H2 speedometer cable will replace the 350 tachometer cable.


The 22mm X 30mm X 5mm seal behind the dry clutch inner hub on the 350 can be substituted with a CR8503 or Suzuki Part Number 09283-22018 both of which are 1mm thinner but will work.


The 47mm X 60mm X 7mm seal behind the dry clutch on the 350 can be substituted with a CR18447.


The BS50 magneto is reportedly the same as an early 60's Suzuki M10, M 12, M 15 , K 10 & K11


Steering head ball bearings (38), and the clutch actuator rod ball bearing (1), are all standard 0.250"


The battery band for the 90-350 models is similar to the Kawasaki KE100, part number 92072-1044.


The large engine cushions for the 350 can be made by cutting in half Yamaha swing arm bushings, part #102-22123-00.